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Monaloh – The Measure of Quality

In 1980, our firm was founded with the intent that Monaloh Basin Engineers would become a high quality provider of innovative engineering services. As we grew from a one man shop, we expanded our work force, increased our capabilities and upgraded our equipment to become a premier provider of surveying, right-of-way and construction inspection services. Our experience and reputation allows us to stand tall among our peers, clients and employees.

As the CEO of the firm, I am proud of our past achievements and our relentless desire to provide our services in a most efficient and professional manner. We will build off of the past as we continue into the future. New technology and techniques are continuously evaluated and implemented. Our Certified Safety Committee provides ongoing safety training, as safety is top priority with a never-ending emphasis on working in a safe environment.

We believe our team approach to project execution is unique in that we customize our approach to every project to balance it with the needs of our clients. This methodology has allowed us to establish a very positive and collaborative project environment with our clients. It is our goal to be our clients’ preferred consulting firm for all the services we offer. We strive to be responsive, responsible and provide quality work for our clients.

Our Monaloh family team is really what sets us apart from our competition. We make every effort to create an excellent work environment for our employees while maintaining the values of social responsibility which is one of the pillars of our company. As the CEO of the company, I strongly believe in providing opportunities for those that otherwise might not have them and encouraging them to pay it forward.

Since 1980, our accomplishments are the results of the relationships we’ve established and the respect we’ve earned. I thank all clients and employees for their loyalty and dedication in helping make Monaloh the great organization it is today.

Massy Paul