Mon/Fayette Expressway

The Mon/Fayette Expressway will provide faster and safer travel options for through traffic, particularly commercial vehicles, that now use existing arteries such as PA Routes 51, 88, 48, 148, 885 and 857; as well as U.S. Routes 119 and 40 (National Road).

This Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission project is being executed in phases with design contracts awarded to multiple Consultants.

Monaloh Basin Engineers is providing final design Surveying and Right-of-Way services as part of multiple teams. Typically, MBE’s scope includes:

  • Field Survey:
    • Recover and Check Horizontal and Vertical Control
    • Field Edit Original Mapping
    • Update Topography
    • Locate Designated Underground Utilities
    • Stake Proposed Mainline
    • H&H Survey
  • Right-of-Way (R/W) Activities:
    • Courthouse Research
    • Update Owner’s List
    • Review Property Lines

Monaloh has provided these services as an integral part of the design team:

         Section                         Lead Team Consultant (Prime)

  • 53 C                             EADS
  • 53 F                             Ammann & Whitney
  • 53 G                            McCormick Taylor