Pennsylvania Turnpike Reconstruction

The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission has an initiative in place to reconstruct portions of the existing turnpike resulting in a six lane typical section with a widening of the width of the median. This full depth reconstruction will occur in phases over multiple years with design contracts awarded to multiple Consultants.

Monaloh Basin Engineers is providing Surveying and Right-of-Way services as part of multiple teams. Typically, MBE’s scope includes:

  • Mapping:
    • Map Accuracy Test
    • Field Map Edit
  • Field Survey:
    • Roads
    • Streams
    • Structures
    • Designated Wetlands
    • Property Boundaries
    • Identified and visible utilities
    • Boring Locations
  • Right-of-Way (R/W) Activities:
    • Courthouse Research
    • Preparation of Property Mosaic
    • Establishment of Legal R/W’s and Property Lines
    • Establishment of Best Fit Centerline
    • Surveyor of Record for Final R/W Plan

Monaloh has provided these services as an integral part of the design team:

Project Description Lead Team Consultant (Prime)
MP 28 to 31 ms consultants
MP 40 to 48 McCormick Taylor
MP 49 to 53 Mackin Engineering
MP 53 to 57 Buchart Horn
MP 57 to 67 SAI Consultants
MP 180 to 186 McCormick Taylor
MP 298 to 302 AECOM
MP 302 to 308 Ammann & Whitney
MP A44 to A48 Traffic Planning & Design