Bridge Rehabilitation/Replacement

With 25,000 state owned bridges, Pennsylvania has the third-largest number of bridges in the nation with the average age of bridges on the state system over 50 years old. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has the responsibility to keep the bridges in good repair and safe. This results in multiple projects each year to rehabilitate and/or replace deficient structures.

Since its founding, Monaloh Basin Engineers has been heavily involved in bridge reconstruction and rehabilitation projects working through a Prime design consultant. Monaloh’s typical bridge project scope includes:  

  • Field Survey:
    • Bridge Structure and Structure Deck
      • Abutments
      • Bents
      • Piers
      • Existing Road
      • Railroad Tracks
    • Topographic Survey for roads and other features under and around the bridge
    • Drainage System
    • Identified and Visible Utilities
    • Boring Locations
  • Right-of-Way (R/W) Activities:
    • Courthouse Research
    • Preparation of Property Mosaic
    • Establishment of Legal R/W’s and Property Lines
    • Establishment of Best Fit Centerline
    • Surveyor of Record for Final R/W Plan

Monaloh has provided these services on many projects over our 35+ years of experience. A representative sampling follows:

Project Description Lead Team Consultant (Prime)
Elizabeth BRidge Michael Baker
South Highland Avenue Bridge Parsons Brinkerhoff
Myoma Bridge No. 1 Gannett Fleming
Boston Bridge ms consultants
District 11-0 Bridge Bundling (12 Bridges) Gibson Thomas
Homestead Grays Bridge ms consultants