Energy Services

Well Pad/ Compressor Station

  • Conduct Courthouse Research/Title Reports
  • Establish Property Lines
  • Perform Boundary Survey
  • Perform Topographic Survey Of Well Site & Access Roads
  • Identify & Locate Existing Gas Wells And Water Sources
  • Prepare Background Mapping & Digital Terrain Model
  • Prepare As Well Plats
  • Prepare As-Drilled Well Plats
  • Perform Construction Layout
  • Waterline Stakeout For Production Facilities

Gas Pipeline

  • Conduct Court House Research
  • Prepare Property Mosaic With Aerial Photography Background
  • Survey Proposed Pipeline Route
  • Coordinate With Land Agents And Land Owners
  • Stakeout Pipeline Route & Right-Of-Way
  • Prepare Background Mapping & Digital Terrain Model
  • Prepare Alignment Sheets And Mapping
  • Perform As-Built Survey, Tally Sheets And Drawings

Support Services

  • Initiate “PA One Call” System
  • Prepare Subdivision Plan
  • Prepare Utility Location Plan
  • Schedule And Conduct Utility Meetings
  • Attend Municipal And DEP Meetings
  • Perform Survey And Drawings For Highway Occupancy Permits