Gas Pipeline Projects

Monaloh has worked on various pipeline projects throughout Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. We have had the opportunity to work on different types of pipeline projects, such as gathering line projects to FERC projects. Our pipeline projects have ranged in length from a 3 mile project to a 550 mile project. The services we typically provide are as follows:

  • Conduct Courthouse Research
  • Establish Property Lines
  • Pipeline Routing
  • Topographic Surveys For Proposed Pipeline Route
  • Locate Observable/Visible Utilities
  • Perform Detailed Road Crossing Surveys For HOP Permits
  • Perform Detailed Railroad Crossing Surveys
  • Stake Limit Of Disturbance (LOD)
  • Stake Pipeline Route And R/W
  • Stake Property Lines
  • Property Surveys
  • Prepare Alignment Sheets
  • Prepare Property Plats
  • Prepare HOP Drawings

 Monaloh has provided these services as an integral part of the design team on the following projects:

Representative Projects Services Provided
3+ mile replacement of an abanoded gas piperline Preliminary Survey, HOP Drawings, Railroad Crossing Drawings, PA One Call
554 mile transmission line which will provide natural gas to power plants Preliminary Survey, Routing, Alignment Sheets, Permit Drawings, Property Plats, Building Exhibits, HOP Drawings, Railroad Crossing Drawings