Well Plat Preparation

Monaloh has successfully prepared hundreds of well plats, which have been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). We have prepared well plats for numerous E&P companies throughout Pennsylvania and Ohio. The services we typically provide are as follows:

  • Survey All Water Sources Within 3000’ Of The Proposed Well Pad
  • Survey All Existing Gas Wells Within 3000’ Of The Proposed Well Pad
  • Locate Property Line Evidence Within The Project Work Limits
  • Conduct Courthouse Research
  • Establish Property Lines
  • Prepare Well Plats
  • Prepare As-Drilled Well Plats
  • Attend Meetings at The DEP
  • Establish Control Network Around Project Site
  • Stake Well Pad Corners
  • Stake Well Bore Locations

Monaloh has provided these services to multiple operators:

Project Description Client

Preparation of well plats for 90+ well pads

Client A

Preparation of well plats for 15+ well pads Client B
Preparation of well plats for30+ well pads Client C